Many customers are asking how the EU Directive on Herbal Medicine will affect them when it comes into force at the end of April this year.

The honest answer is that at this precise moment it’s not entirely clear, as many of the fine details have not yet been worked out. Our best guess is that most dried herbs will still be available but that most, if not all Herbal Tinctures will disappear from retail sale. However this will not happen immediately as the legislation allows us to continue to sell through any we have in stock at the end of April. We would hope to have sufficient stock of all the Tinctures to enable us to meet all our customers’ needs in to 2012.

Final decisions have not yet been made, if you feel strongly about these changes now is the time to contact your MP and express your views. You can find the details of your MP at

As further details become available we will post these on both our Blog and Facebook page, so please keep checking back for the latest news.

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