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Solo Ester-c 500mg

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Ester-C 500mg with bioflavonoids A powerful antioxidant.

This patented form of vitamin C, is highly effective, easily absorbed, as well as gentle on the stomach. Vitamin C is active throughout the body.

It can help strengthen the capillaries (tiny blood vessels), and cell walls. Vitamin C is crucial for collagen, (a protein found in connective tissue), which prevents bruising, and promotes healing, as well as keeping ligaments, tendons healthy.

Vitamin C is probably better known as a cure for colds and flu, but that's just half the story. Studies have found that long-term use of vitamin C, can help protect against cataracts and improve asthmatic symptoms. Recent studies have shown to help elderly patients to fight severe respiratory infections. Solo's Ester-C 500mg with bioflavonoids is the best choice. Try it… see the difference to ordinary vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

This brief information is intended for guidance only and if you are in any doubt about taking a food supplement, you should first consult your healthcare practitioner or dietician.

Ester-C® 500mg 833
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 395mg 658
Calcium (Elemental) 59mg 7.3
Threonic Acid 5mg
Bilberry Extract 4:1 100mg
(a non citrus Bioflavonoid)
Equivalent to 400mg of whole herb
Vegetable Cellulose Capsule 100mg

Suitable for Vegetarians. Hypoallergenic formula 100%
active ingredients.
Contains NO: gluten, wheat, lactose, dairy, added
sugars, added salt, preservative, colourings, yeast
or starch.

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