A. Vogel Dutch Herbal Tea 25 X 2g Sachets

A. Vogel Dutch Herbal Tea 25 X 2g Sachets


Refreshing herbal tea

Traditional herb tea blend suitable for everyday use

This herbal tea is made from a combination of herbs using an old Dutch recipe held in Jan de Vries' family for many years. It is a pleasant tasting and refreshing beverage, and suitable for everyday use as an alternative to ordinary tea and coffee.

Benefits and feature of Jan de Vries Dutch herbal tea

Caffeine free

Suitable for vegetarians

Refreshing, reviving beverage

Jan de Vries' Dutch Herbal Tea is caffeine free.


Peppermint leaves, Strawberry leaves, Juniper berries, Sage leaves, Golden Rod herb, Birch leaves, Rosehips, Passion flower herb, Lavender flowers, Chamomile flowers, Alfalfa herb, Hawthornleaves & flowers, Red Clover flowers and Dandelion

How to prepare:

Allow one bag per person. Use freshly boiled water and allow to infuse for five minutes. Do not add milk. If desired, sweeten with honey.

Serve hot or cold.

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