Baldwins Ashwagandha Root

Baldwins Ashwagandha Root

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100% Pure Ashwagandha Root

Ashwagandha (Withania somniferum) is an Indian herb (also found in Africa), becoming more & more popular in western herbalism as well as having its roots in Ayurvedic Medicine.

Speaking of roots, that's the part used medicinally.

Ashwagandha belongs to the pepper family and contains compounds called withanolides; these compounds are similar in appearance and action to the active compounds found in Panax Ginseng and many people know Ashwagandha as the Indian Ginseng.

Extensive research has shown benefits and effects to include anti-inflammatory properties as well as stimulation of active immune cells.

There is a possible link to promoting cognitive functioning, and, to support its traditional use as an adaptogen, 3-6 grams of dried root as a tea or encapsulated can help reduce the effects of stress both physiologically and psychologically.

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