Baldwins Cinnamon Verum Sticks ( Cinnamomum verum )

Baldwins Cinnamon Verum Sticks ( Cinnamomum verum )

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100% Pure Cinnamon Verum Sticks

Cinnamon ( Cinnamomum verum / Cinnamomum zeylanicum - True cinnamon / Ceylon cinnamon) was discovered on the island nation of Sri Lanka (hence the Ceylon naming - Sri Lanka was formerly called Ceylon).

Cinnamon contains a mixture of various compounds, chiefly eugenol & cinnamaldehyde, both potent anti-fungal terpenoids.

Cinnamon also contains various anti-bacterial & anti-allergic compounds which helps to back up its use for Flu, cold and hayfever symptoms.

Some sources say it stimulates brain function and testing is ongoing into its effectiveness at helping nuerological problems such as cognitive impairment & Parkinson's disease.

Warming, sweet and fantastic in a tagine, Cinnamon also has a carminative effect so can be used in after dinner teas as it aids digestion and also helps to reduce wind & indigestion.

Not recommended for use by pregnant women.

Current country of origin: Madagascar*

* this can sometimes change but this type of Cinnamon is usually grown in Sri Lanka, Madagascar & the Seychelles.

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