Baldwins Dakota Sage Bundle Smudge Stick

Baldwins Dakota Sage Bundle Smudge Stick

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Dakota Sage Bundle - Artemisia ludoviciana.

Collected from the prairies and hills of the Dakotas, this sage is prized by the Plains Indians. Sometimes this is called white sage, other times gray sage. The common name is Cudweed Sagewort.

The leaf is medium sized, somewhere between the narrow leaf of the desert sage and the broad leaf of the California white sage. The Cheyenne are said to call this "man sage" and it is extensively used by the Plains peoples in ceremonies. Its medicinal qualities are said to be good for treating headaches, coughs, stomach disorders, and more. Additionally, because of its pleasant scent, it has been used to deodorize feet, made into pillows, and burned to drive away mosquitoes.

(From Grassland Plants of South Dakota and the Northern Great Plains, South Dakota State University).

These budles are approximately 24cms long and 8cms at widest end.