Bio-health Goodnight 50 Tablets

Bio-health Goodnight 50 Tablets


Goodnight is a traditional herbal remedy for the symptomatic relief of sleeplessness to promote natural sleep. Sleepless nights mean restless days, bad temper and generally poor health. To sleep soundly and enjoy the new day is what most of us need to stay well and happy.

Many people worry about taking sleeping tablets for fear of addiction. With natural herbal medicines there is no fear of reliance.

The most effective group of sedatives known to herbal medicine; Vervain, Hops, Valerian, Wild Lettuce and Passiflora, make Goodnight the ideal way to induce sleep naturally. Each plant sedative has unique qualities to make the well formulated product effective.

Goodnight can be taken over a long period to relieve a poor sleep pattern by anyone needing help to improve the quality of their rest. It can be taken regularly or just occasionally when needed, to restore a normal sleep pattern and improve its quality.

Avoid taking any medicines during pregnancy and lactation unless prescribed by a Doctor.

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