Bio-health Lowater 60 Tablets

Bio-health Lowater 60 Tablets


Lowater - to help maintain Normal body fluid balance

The four main herbs used in the production of Lowater each have a particular reason for being in the formulation. Many women find at certain times in life or perhaps each monthly cycle, they retain fluid in the body. Puffy fingers, ankles and eyes are the usual signs of water retention, but for many women bloating in the abdomen causes the most discomfort due to fluid accumulation.

Each herb will have a diuretic action whilst bringing its own particular benefit to be effective in maintaining body fluids.

Herbs included are;-

Buchu - diuretic (urinary antiseptic)

Uva Ursi - astringent (urinary antiseptic)

Dandelion root - bitter (diuretic)

Parsley Piert - diuretic (spasmolytic)

The stimulating herb Cayenne is also in this formulation as an adjuvant and aids the effectiveness of the active ingredients. (All information from the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia 1983 and the British Herbal Compendium, Volume 1.

Not recommended for children or during pregnancy.

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