Bio-health Neurotone 60 Tablets

Bio-health Neurotone 60 Tablets


Neurotone is a traditional herbal remedy for the symptomatic relief of tenseness, anxiety and irritability. Calming, soothing herbs are perfect to take the sharpness out of the situation leaving feelings of peace, calm and tranquillity. When time is stretched and crowded make a space of your own with Neurotone, the natural way to Eclipse Tension.

Natural sedatives are widely used and an important component of herbal medicine around the world. Each plant included has a sedative action and its own particular attributes to help achieve relaxation.

Herbs included are:-




Life today causes most of us to feel tense, restless or irritable at some time. Stresses of work, travel and pressures from all aspects of modern day society cause many to reach for something to help. In Neurotone, the herbs used are effective and can be taken by anyone over twelve years old until symptoms are controlled or subside.

Neurotone is a mild herbal medicine and well-balanced to give a total remedy for tenseness, anxiety and irritability. It will also help to find a space of your own when life becomes crowded and stressful.

Avoid taking medicines during pregnancy or lactation unless prescribed by a Doctor.

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