Biosnacky Gourmet Mix Sprouting Seeds 40g

Biosnacky Gourmet Mix Sprouting Seeds 40g


Gourmet Mix sprouts

Sprouts from organically produced seeds

Gourmet Mix seeds produce sprouts with a classic, delicate taste imparting a distinctive flavour to salads and many other dishes. It contains a mixture of seeds, including quinoa, radish and lentils.

Quinoa has been associated with natural health for many centuries, contains high levels of protein and provides calcium, the B vitamins and iron.

How to use Gourmet Mix seeds for sprouting

Before sowing, rinse thoroughly in fresh water. For best results, sow seeds thinly. Germination time may vary with temperature.

Amount per tray / jar: 2 to 3 tablespoons of seeds

Temperature: 18 – 22oC

Water: Twice daily

Ready to eat: After approximately 3 to 5 days

Ingredients: Organically grown quinoa, white radish and lentil seeds.

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