Baldwin's World Tea Map - A World Of Tea

Reviewed by Herbalist, Rasheeqa Ahmad on 20 July, 2019

Camelia Sinensis – what a beautiful plant! I’m sure we can all agree, here in Britain, we love our tea. A strong cup of builders brew is always the way to start the day in our book. But did you have any idea of the range of different teas that you can taste? How about smoky Oolong from New Zealand, Malty Tregothnan tea grown right here in Cornwall, UK or maybe some deliciously light, first flush Darjeeling tea from India for an afternoon cup?

If you’re growing tired of your usual cuppa, why not take a look at our map that takes you on a trip around the world via some of the most exotic and interesting tea blends. We’ve mapped out the origins of some teas you’ll recognise, like the citrusy Earl Grey, and some you might not. There’s even a tea produced in Vietnam made purely out of artichokes!

If our map inspires you to branch out into some interesting and exciting flavours and blends for your next cup, why not look at our range of teas here. The infusion of herbs in our herbal teas contain the added health benefits of their nutrients and essential oils that can help if you’re feeling stressed, run-down or just need a healthful pick-me-up!

Baldwins World Tea Map - A World Of Tea

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Baldwins World Tea Map
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