You can now read about the making of the herb art and all the ingredients we used in another blog post. Read more here.

We’re now just about coming to the middle of our Relaxation Month, during which we’ve been giving you plenty of top tips on how to handle summer stresses in natural and healthful ways. This blog post features even more of our favourite calming and comforting herbs, but this time in an unusual and really quite beautiful way.

We worked with the amazing artist and director Mustashrik, who took a selection of our dried herbs and formed them into three striking portraits. Featuring flowing herbal dresses and a mane of aromatic hair, we’ve never seen blue mallow, rose buds and cornflowers look better!

Rose buds, when steeped in tea for example, are brilliant sources of natural antioxidants including vitamin C. This aids in collagen production which can be great if your skin or hair is suffering from the elements – perhaps if you’ve been swimming, with drying chlorine or salt water, or as a result of sun-damage.

Blue mallow is ideal for soothing dry throats as a result of allergies that can rear their head come summer time. Cornflowers have a concentration of anti-inflammatory properties, which are great for using in conjunction with blue mallow. If your eyes have become itchy or swollen because of hay fever for example, it’s an ideal herb for soothing and reducing pain or irritation. Put together in a tincture, these herbs are perfect for summer use and will make you feel as relaxed, carefree and light-hearted as our three gorgeous herbal ladies above – or perhaps the one below:

If Mustashrik’s work with our herbs has inspired you, check out and follow his Instagram for more pieces of stunning illustration, and browse our extensive selection of herbs so you can make your own relaxing tinctures or refreshing herbal teas.

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