Spring Healing: Five Home Remedies for Body Pain and Tiredness

Genuinely effective home remedies for body pain and tiredness can be hard to come by. But Spring is just around the corner and as Mother Nature wakes from her winter slumber, it’s time for you to do the same.

We asked expert medical herbalist Rasheeqa Ahmad for her favourite home remedies for body pain and tiredness.

Whether your exercise regime is leaving you feeling battered or you are simply looking to blow away the winter cobwebs, Rasheeqa’s natural remedies have you covered.

Less spring cleaning, more spring healing. Let’s go.

  1. Siberian ginseng

Trying to function normally when you are tired or overly stressed is a challenge. Everything is just that little bit harder. Your mind lacks clarity. It’s like driving a car without the handbrake fully released. Adaptogens can help by alleviating the physical and mental impacts of stress and bringing balance back to your body. You can find adaptogens in many different foods and supplements. But Siberian ginseng has been proven to have significant adaptogenic properties. It can also enhance physical and mental performance and helps your body to produce energy more efficiently. Best of all you no longer need to schlep to the coniferous forests of Siberia to get hold of it. It’s readily available in tablet or tincture form.

  1. Feroglobin B12

Even a slight lack of iron can make you feel prohibitively low of get up and go. Feroglobin B12 is an organic blend of iron and B vitamins that’s easy on the stomach. It works by supporting the production of haemoglobin – the substance that carries oxygen around your body. Just take one teaspoon with your morning and evening meals. You will soon start to notice the difference.

  1. Floradix

Another easy way to boost your levels of iron and B vitamins is to try this tasty elixir, which is made from natural herbs, fruit and vegetable juices (such as spinach, fennel, nettle and beetroot). It’s bursting with goodness from Mother Nature’s larder and is an easy way to fortify yourself with essential vitamins and minerals while boosting energy naturally.

  1. Schisandra

It’s no surprise your body feels out of whack sometimes. So many complex systems and chemical reactions have to exist harmoniously for us to function at our best. For help with that the emperors and Taoist masters of ancient China turned to a medicinal berry called Schisandra. The berry was – and still is – eulogised for its ability to benefit multiple meridians in the body to restore internal balance and health. Adaptogenic and anti-inflammatory, it’s one of herbal medicine’s best kept secrets. A tincture worth trying? You bet.

  1. Ashwagandha

For a tea capable of nixing over-zealous stress responses and improving your energy, rustle up a pot of ashwagandha. It’s made with the root of the ashwagandha herb – a staple in Ayurvedic medicine – found across India and Africa. A member of the pepper family, ashwagandha’s anti-inflammatory and adaptogenic compounds dull the stress response and boost immune function. A natural way to sip yourself back to stasis.

The garden that’s growing a community…

“When we’re connected to each other we’re not only happier, we’re healthier. That’s the real magic of this project.”

Rasheeqa Ahmad describes herself as a ‘community herbalist’. Her philosophy encourages people to reconnect with those around them. And with the help of lottery funding, Rasheeqa is engaging her local community to transform an unloved patch of land in Walthamstow into a forest garden teeming with herbs and trees, vines and veggies. Watch our short video on Rasheeqa’s forest.


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