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Questions and Answers

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  1. Flower Remedies FAQs

    Flower Remedies FAQs

    Q. Lavender seems to be one of the most important of the essential oils – why is this? A. It’s true that lavender is one of the most widely used essential oils and no aromatherapist would want to…
  2. Full Of Energy?

    Full Of Energy?

    Q. Why do I feel so low? A. “I just don’t seem to have much energy”, it’s a familiar refrain in today’s world where we live stressful pressured lives. Men and women undergo times in their…
  3. Joint Problems FAQs

    Joint Problems FAQs

    Q. What sort of problems can natural remedies help? A. Some sort of joint problems are almost inevitable as we get older. Many problems are down to simple wear and tear but others are exacerbated by…
  4. Herbal Remedies FAQs Pt. 2

    Herbal Remedies FAQs Pt. 2

    Q. When were herbal remedies first used? A. We know that the ancient Chinese used herbal medicines more than five thousand years ago to alleviate symptoms and treat disease. Today the Chinese…
Showing 13–17 of 19 Results