If you’re aching to get rid of cellulite but you don’t want to undergo painful surgery organic essential oils can help combat the problem area in a healthy, harmless, and therapeutic way.

There are a variety of organic essential oils that have properties which help the appearance of cellulite fade.

Juniper – relieves fluid retention, has a purifying and detoxifying affect. This allows your body to get rid of waste by increasing the excretion of toxins.

Rosemary – stimulates the flow of blood. Helps fight fluid retention, which makes it effective for reducing cellulite and obesity.

Geranium – Helps to balance hormones, and encourages liver detoxification.

Lavender – Can treat stretch marks.

Grapefruit – Has a toning effect on the tissues and skin which makes it ideal to use upon the problem area.

Lemon – Improves microcirculation strengthens vascular tissues. Can be a treatment for varicose veins and relieves pressure on the veins.

It is important to mix these organic essential oils with base oils to dilute the mixture as a strong concentration can harm your skin. Examples of nourishing base oils are Jojoba, Coconut, Olive, and Avocado.

You can mix any 4 choices of the above organic essential oils. Here are suggested recipes to help you get best use out of your oils…

Recipe 1: A few drops of lavender, lemon, and grapefruit put into your bath, so these ingredients can soak in to your body, as well as having a calm, and stress-relieving effect upon your body and mind.

Recipe 2: 3 drops of Juniper, and 3 of Rosemary mixed with base oil such as jojoba, then massaged into the area you desire.

You can experiment, and indulge yourself with all the above oils and find your favourite recipe that suits you!

To get the best results combine using these oils with a healthy diet, and regular exercise. Consider accompanying the therapy with a cup of tea using detoxifying herbal tea bags.

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