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  1. Baldwins European Herb Map - Download & Share

    Baldwins European Herb Map - Download & Share

    With all the Europe talk going on in the press these days, we at Baldwins think it’s about time we all realised just how we all benefit from our continental brothers & sisters. Enter….. The…
  2. Essential Oil Body Map

    Essential Oil Body Map

    Reviewed by Aromatherapist, Jo Manchester on 5 September, 2019 Download, print & share our body map of essential oils. We’ve linked some of the more commonly used (and some…
  3. Spring Cleansing & Detoxing

    Spring Cleansing & Detoxing

    Spring is in the air and with some considered cleansing hopefully in our step! The wheel of the year turns in time with nature’s rhythm as we celebrate the Spring Equinox. Spring flowers bloom, sap…
  4. Christmas Inspiration

    Christmas Inspiration

    Perfect Christmas Gifts from Baldwins Love it or dread it, Christmas is nearly upon us and with it comes the time when we scratch our heads and try to think up innovative and unusual gifts. It seems…
Showing 9–13 of 33 Results