Nanny Goat Milk

Since 1992, Vitacare continues to be the leading UK brand of goat milk based nutritional products. All NANNYcare Products, are based on the highest quality milk from New Zealand goats raised without stimulants and hormones, are further fortified with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients while preserving the natural goodness of the whole milk. Suitable for vegetarians Significant benefits over standard cow and goat milks...Nutritionally, goats milk has certain physical properties, in relation to its curd formation and fat characteristics, which suggest that goat milk can be more easily digested. All NANNYcare Products, have significant benefits over cow’s milk and also over standard goat milk, have soft curds for easier digestion, contain readily absorbed medium-chain fatty acids, are delicious tasting, are free of added sucrose and glucose syrups NANNYcare - from the clean, pristine New Zealand environment
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