Baldwins Coconut Oil (solid)

Baldwins Coconut Oil (solid)

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Baldwins Coconut Oil (solid & deodorised)

Solid at room temperature, this rich nutritious oil has got a low melting point (76 degrees) making it useable across a diversity of natural products.

From creating your own deodorant, soaps, hair treatments, hand lotions and lip balm to adding it to your moisturiser, Coconut oil is often also used to treat nappy rash, cradle cap, dry skin and eczema.

Incredibly hydrating thanks to its fatty acid component.

Great for rejuvenating skin & hair.

(our own-brand solid coconut is cosmetic grade - we sell a variety of coconut oils & butters for cooking both deodorised and totally untampered with, search coconut in our search bar for our full range).

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