Cordyceps Mushroom Supplement 500mg 60 Capsules

Cordyceps Mushroom Supplement 500mg 60 Capsules



The Rare Caterpillar Fungus

Revered in China as a tonic par excellence for 'severe depletion and weakness', Cordyceps is recommended for support of liver health, breathing (lungs), sexual function, energy and stamina; and nutritionally to help support the respiratory system. Thus helping to maintain a healthy body particularly for those participating in demanding training routines.

"...extraordinary...dramatically boosting energy levels and...supporting the immune system"

Health Sciences Institute, Vol 3 No. 7, July 2001

When starting a new supplement programme it is always recommended to complete a 3 month course for full therapeutic effect.

Not tested on animals and suitable for Vegans.

Ingredients: 525mg Cordyceps Sinensis full spectrum biomass in vegetable cullulose capsule

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