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Bottles & Jars (Plastic)

We offer a diversity of different plastic bottles to suit every occasion. Our plastic bottles come in a similar design to our Syrup bottles, allowing you to use either a black cap or pump top to encase your oils or lotions. Alternatively if you’re planning on making your oils in bulk, why not try our Jerricans? Available in 5L, 10L and 25L sizes, storage will never be a problem.
Popular in Bottles & Jars (Plastic)
  1. Plastic Amber (PET) Bottles 1000ml

    Plastic Amber (PET) Bottles 1000ml

    From £2.59

  2. Plastic Amber (PET) Bottles 500ml

    Plastic Amber (PET) Bottles 500ml

    From £2.39

  3. Baldwins Clear Plastic (PET) Jar

    Baldwins Clear Plastic (PET) Jar

    From £1.09

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Items 1-11 of 20

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