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Where can I find more help?

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If you can't find what you're looking for here then please feel free to contact us using the details listed below:

Call us on 020 7703 5550
Email us at info@baldwins.co.uk with your question

How do I search for something?

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The search facility is located at the top left of the screen. Just enter a couple of words relating to what you are looking for, and click the 'search' button to see a list of matching results.

Alternatively you can click on the search facilities to search Baldwins catalogue by product name, keyword, description or price range. Just fill in as many details as you require and click the 'Search' button. Your search results will appear and you will be able to add any products to your basket.

How does my shopping basket work?

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Just like a shopping basket in a supermarket, you can put things in your basket (by entering a quantity and clicking on the 'ADD' button next each product) without having to buy them - it is just a way of holding on to things that you are interested in. You are not committing to a purchase until you take your selected item(s) through the checkout.

To add a product to your basket, navigate through the categories or via the search to find the product(s) you are interested in. Enter the quantity you require and click the 'ADD' button. You will notice the contents of your basket are shown in the top right hand corner. You can add more products to your basket in the same way. Once you are happy with the contents of the basket click on 'PROCEED' to be taken to the next stage.

You can check what is in your basket at any time by clicking on the 'view basket' icon in the top navigation. If you wish to remove something, simply change the quantity to zero (0), or click the 'REMOVE' button next to the appropriate product, this will recalculate/update your basket.

When you are happy with the products you have in your basket, click on 'Proceed to checkout'. At this point, if you are not already signed in, you can register or sign in. If you are a new customer, please enter your email address and select 'I am new customer'. You will then be taken to the registration form and then on to checkout. If you are an existing customer please sign in and you will be taken through to checkout. Once in the checkout you will be asked for your payment and delivery details.

How do I register?

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You only need to register once for to Baldinws and this will allow you to easily make future purchases without having to re-enter all your details. Registration is simple, you will be asked for various billing details and need to enter a valid email address and password. Any fields marked with a * are mandatory.

Your registration details are not passed onto a third party and you should keep your Baldwin's password in a safe place, as this provides anyone access to your personal details, as well as your previous orders.

What happens if my details change?

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You can change your details online, such as your telephone number, by going to the 'Your Account' icon in the top navigation.

If you have any problems or questions then please telephone 020 7703 5550 or email us at info@baldwins.co.uk with your question.

Can I place an order and arrange for it to be sent to another address?

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Yes! When you place your order you can indicate a different delivery address.

How do I check/change my order?

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You are free to amend your order before you make any payment by going to your basket. To check the status of an order, once you have placed it, go to 'Order History' and all your previous orders will be shown. You can check the status of an order that you have placed by going to 'Your Account' and clicking on the link. You can even click on an order and re-order any items you purchased previously, directly from here.

Is it safe to give my bank account or card details online?

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Yes. We encrypt your order and the transaction details to make sure that they are completely safe and secure.

Do you deliver overseas?

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Yes! All deliveries are subject to a delivery charge. The sub-total is calculated in your order details before you confirm the order.

Can I send goods to a BFPO address?

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Yes! For customers who wish to have goods sent BFPO (British Forces Post Office) please fill in your billing details as normal and then fill in your BFPO address in the delivery address. Enter the name and address and use the postcode field to enter the BFPO number preceeded by 'BFPO', i.e. BFPO 49 for Brussels. In the delivery country choose 'British Forces PO' from the drop down. This will then calculate your order with zero VAT and UK postage.

How do you calculate postage?

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We have a postage calculator which you can use to calculate the cost of shipping goods to your country.

What payment/debit/switch/credit cards do you accept?

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We accept the following Credit and Debit cards: American Express, Delta, JCB, MasterCard, Solo, Switch and Visa. You can also choose to pay by faxing us your credit card details or by cheque.

I'm having problems signing in and adding items to my shopping basket.

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This may be because you have browser cookies disabled. Please enable cookies in your browser's settings, close your current web session and try again.

You should enable your cookies on your web browser. This will enable our systems to recognise your browser to provide a more personalised service and store your items in your shopping basket and allow you to login. To do this, follow the instructions according to your browser.

Windows IE 7.x Browser

1. Select Tools
2. Select Internet Options
3. Select the Privacy tab.
4. Select Advanced
5. Deselect override automatic cookie handling button
6. Click on the OK button at the bottom of the screen.
7. Click OK to exit

Netscape 7.x

1. Click Edit on the Toolbar.
2. Click Preferences
3. Click the Privacy and Security category; expand the list to show the subcategories.
4. Click Cookies
5. Three options are displayed. Click the appropriate choice:
- Disable cookies
- Enable cookies for the originating web site only
- Enable all cookies
- If you want to be notified when a web site tries to set a cookie, select 'Warn me before accepting a cookie.'

Mozilla Firefox 2.x

1. Click on Tools
2. Click Options
3. Click Cookies
4. Select 'Allow Sites to Set Cookies'