Incense Grains

Burnt on charcoal, the natural combination of gums, plants and waxes that go into the creation of our incense grains can offer your home a unique and relaxing fragrance. We have plenty to choose from including the deeply aromatic copal gum, the distinctive lemony frankincense, the purest incense of them all – priory grain and our most popular blend, basilica grain.
Popular in Incense Grains
  1. Baldwins Sandarac Gum

    Baldwins Sandarac Gum

    From £5.99

  2. Baldwins Frankincense Grains Gum

    Baldwins Frankincense Grains Gum

    From £2.15

  3. Baldwins Benzoin Gum Lump

    Baldwins Benzoin Gum Lump

    From £6.59

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9 Items

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