Infinity Foods Organic Red Quinoa 1kg

Infinity Foods Organic Red Quinoa 1kg


Organic Red Quinoa

Country of Origin Bolivia/Peru

Quinoa is an ancient cereal grain that grows in the Andes Mountains of South America, and has been cultivated in the region for more than 5000 years.

Locally referred to as the mother grain and as a protein powerhouse, it kept the Incan armies strong and robust.

Quinoa is nutritionally charged and is considered one of the best sources of protein and amino acids by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations.

A great vegetarian alternative, red quinoa, as well as being particularly nutritious, is a light grain with a delicate taste.


Characteristic of Quinoa, light nutty taste




pink to red

Nutritional Information (per 100g)

Energy kcals 356

Energy kj 1505

Protein 13.7g

Fat 7.1g

of which Saturates 0.96g

Carbohydrates 64.3g

of which sugars 3.5g

Salt 6mg

Fibre 13g

Suitable For:

Ovo lacto vegetarians


Orthodox Jewish Kosher

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