We've created an invaluable guide that covers just about everything we do here at Baldwins!

Learn how to make tinctures, soap & candles, herbal infusions & teas, base products & oil blends all in one handy guide you can download or view online!

You'll find plenty of info and facts inside, even if you already know a thing or two about how to make a tincture, or how to turn roots & barks into health-giving teas! 

If you are new to some of the things we provide here at Baldwins then dip in and make sure you're on the right track with your tisanes & find out how your Orange essential oil was made!

Remember: there is no wealth like knowledge (as someone intelligent once said!).

How To...

Click the image to download or view our How To Guide as a pdf

Information on:

Essential Oils
Herbs, Roots & Powders
Tincture Production
Creating Base Products
Soap Making
Candle Making
Natural Cleaning

Using Herbs, Roots & Powders

- Teas

- Tisanes

- Poultices

- Capsules

Using Essential Oils...

- In Massage

- In the Bath

- In Diffusers & Oil Burners

Making Tinctures

- What you need

- Method

- Dosages

- Using Tinctures

And Much More inside...!