Organic Tropical Forest Honey 340g

Organic Tropical Forest Honey 340g

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Gathered from wild bees deep in the incredibly diverse, highland rainforests of SW Ethiopia, where beekeepers hang their bark hives high in the trees out of reach of honey badgers and army ants.

WIld swarms occupy the hives and start filling them with honeycombs. After a couple of years the beekeepers return, climb the trees and crop the honey, leaving half for the bees.

Honey exports have revitalised the economy of the forest villages. More people join the scheme each year confident that they can raise their families on this Fairtrade income.

About this product:

A Fairtrade product from village beekeepers;

Harvested from wild bees in the Ethiopian rain forests;

Cold pressed : high pollen content;

No sugar feeding, antibiotics or varroacides;

No GMO's for hundreds of miles.

Ingredients : Pure Organic Forest Honey

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