The Natural Soapmaking Cookbook - Patrizia Garzena & Marina Tadiello

The Natural Soapmaking Cookbook - Patrizia Garzena & Marina Tadiello

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Build up your soapmaking skills with the Natural Soapmaking Cookbook's recipes to create your own as natural as possible handmade soap

The Natural Soapmaking Cookbook is the natural complement to the Natural Soapmaking Handbook: How to make soap... any way you like.

After years of extensive experiments with a huge range of soap formulas, Patrizia Garzena and Marina Tadiello open their soap kitchens to share the very best of their most successful achievements.

Through their 77 tried and true star recipes, you will find inspiration to combine richly lathering and tenderly conditioning oils with delicious essential oil blends, luxurious botanicals, gentle exfoliating agents, natural fillers and wholesome additives to produce classical or adventurous soap symphonies. Learn by examples how you can enrich your soap with mouth-watering delicacies, including silk, honey, milk, chocolate, fruit, vegetables, spices, beer, botanicals, mineral salt, wood resins.

The book is organised in easy-to-follow sections, covering all types of soap, from super-frothy shaving bars to super-gentle baby soaps, from delightful bath soaps to special pet soap and laundry soap. All modern paste soapmaking methods are put into practice, from CP to the many variants of HP, from DWCP to rebatched/milled soap to liquid and transparent soap.


All purpose soaps

Family and bath soaps

Super-gentle soaps

Super-frothy soaps

Pet care soaps

Kunzea pet shampoo bar

Gentle milk pet soap

Liquid pet shampoo

Chapter 6 ~ Laundry and household soaps

No-heat-applied laundry soap

Wool fat laundry soap

Marseille our way laundry soap

Traditional Marseille laundry soap

Liquid castile laundry soap

Extra strong liquid laundry soap

Laundry gel soap

Cream cleanser household soap