The Vitamin Bible By Earl Mindell

The Vitamin Bible By Earl Mindell


The Vitamin Bible By Earl Mindell

Offering a detailed insight into vitamins, how they work and how they can be used in supplements and natural therapies to improve your health and well-being, author Earl Mindell also shows readers how to boost their energy levels, fertility and sex life.

Covering a diversity of new topics in this latest version of his vitamin bible, Mindell offers chapters on the following topics:

- Anti-aging vitamins and supplements

- Personalising your diet

- Healing regimes for heart patients, diabetics and arthritis sufferers

- Natural alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy, Viagra and Prozac

- Keeping safe – a complete guide to dangerous drug interactions and so called miracle cures

- How to maximise the effectiveness of vitamins and supplements – taking them in the right combinations

- Women’s health

- How to boost your immune system

- Weight control

- Cancer prevention

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