White Light Water Essence 10ml

White Light Water Essence 10ml


White Light Water Essence 10ml

Created from an alchemic blend of 2 essences (one taken from each hemisphere), with the support of this essence you can experience your emotional disharmony so that it can be purified and released.

Known to illuminate your conscious mind, the Water Essence allows you to initiate the release of your most deepest and ancient negative karmic patterns so you can regain your balance. Also working to dissolve the boundaries of your perceptions and realities, this nurturing essence can cleanse and encourage you to be more open and trusting of yourself.

In turn this essence allows you to:

· Feel the Spirit’s love vibration that surrounds you

· Find inner stillness so you can experience your feelings fully

· Experience a deep understanding that no matter the challenges you encounter, you will be alright emotionally.

Take 7 drops under your tongue morning and night by adding 7 drops of this essence to a bottle containing ¾ water and ¼ brandy.

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