Staying Cool & Calm in the Heat – Iced Herbal Teas for Coping with Summer Stress

August is Relaxation Month here at Baldwin’s, and we’re writing lots of blog posts all about how to bring some calm into the hectic summer months when you’re running around trying to make the most of the little sunshine we get!

This post in the series follows on from our recent aromatherapy tips for dealing with summer stresses from sunburn to restlessness. This time we’ve got a few suggestions on how to sort yourself out if you’re feeling a bit hot and bothered.

For some, a cup of tea is a perfect way to wind down if they’re feeling stressed. But for others, a hot drink on a hot and sticky day is the last thing on their mind regardless of the health benefits it may bring. Luckily, there is a solution – so you can get all the antioxidants and calming properties of tea, but in a cool and refreshing drink that will help to revitalise you if you’re flagging… Iced tea!

Making iced herbal tea is just as simple as brewing a normal cuppa, but instead of drinking the tea straight after brewing, you can either leave it to chill in the fridge or pour it over ice cubes. With the addition of some honey or natural sweetener, you’ve got a lovely drink to enjoy that will also help encourage calmness and tranquillity on a busy summer day.

We stock a variety of teas that would be great for brewing up and drinking iced. Here are a few options.

Dr Stuart’s Tranquility tea

Dr Stuarts Tranquility Tea Staying Cool & Calm In The Heat

These tea bags contain limeflower, hawthorn berries, yarrow and fennel, all of which are ideal for soothing you in times of stress or agitation.

Dr Stuart’s green tea with coconut

Dr Stuart Green Tea & Coconut - Staying Cool & Calm In The Heat

This loose leaf tea has an exotic flavour perfect for summer, and will make an uplifting cooling drink when iced. Brew it exactly the same way you would for a hot cup, but use double the amount of leaves for a fuller flavour.

Higher Living organic mint

Higher Living Organic Cool Mint - Staying Cool & Calm In The Heat

Peppermint is a great tea for relaxing, as the menthol in mint encourages muscles to relax. It’s also a natural coolant – which is enhanced when you create an iced brew.

Eleven O’Clock Rooibos tea

Eleven O'Clock Rooibos Teabags - Staying Cool & Calm In The Heat

Rooibos is known for its plentiful antioxidants, as well as being thirst-quenching and refreshing. It’s a great choice for a cold drink that also has many health benefits.

When you make your tea, you need to sweeten it while it’s still hot in order to ensure the sweetener absorbs properly into the drink. While you could use sugar, there are plenty of natural alternatives that actually have their own health benefits. Manuka honey is one example. It has natural antibacterial properties, in contrast to the negatives of sugar. Another option is to use a natural sweetener made from xylitol which is derived from the fibres of plants including berries and mushrooms. As well as sweetener, you may want to add some slices of lemon when serving your tea for a bit of extra flavour.

Explore our collection of teas here and see if any take your fancy – either for a hot brew or a summer-ready iced drink, all with their own health benefits!

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