A Vogel Cold Pressed Wheatgerm Oil 120 Capsules

A Vogel Cold Pressed Wheatgerm Oil 120 Capsules


Wheat Germ Oil 120 capsules

Cold pressed oil rich in vitamin E - an antioxidant to help protect body cells

Alfred Vogel firmly believed that Nature offered the best source of many vitamins and was a strong advocate of the benefits of Wheat Germ Oil which is rich in vitamin E.

Research has shown that vitamin E helps protect our body cells from damage as it acts as an antioxidant – an agent protecting our cells from the oxidative (chemical) stresses found all about us in our modern world.

Cold pressed to ensure delicate natural compounds are not damaged by heat

Great source of vitamin E and other nutrients

Antioxidant - protects body cells

Wheat Germ Oil comes from the seed or kernel of the wheat plant – the reproductive part of the plant rich in octascosanol, vitamin E and fatty acids. Wheat Germ Oil in fact contains the highest level of vitamin E of any natural food.

Wheat Germ Oil is delicate and can degrade if not stored in cool conditions. As it is difficult to store, we have put it in a convenient capsule for you!

Apart from vitamin E, Wheat Germ Oil is also rich in vitamin A and D and lecithin. Many have found it to be beneficial for dry and tired skin. The fatty acids are of the ‘good’ variety type and may help to keep your cholesterol levels in check.


Each capsule contains Wheat Germ Oil extract 288mg and vegetable oil 12mg. Also contains gelatine and glycerol. Each 440mg capsule contains at least 7.5mg of natural vitamin E.

Directions for use:

Adults: 2 capsules twice daily.

Children (6 - 12 years): 1 capsule twice daily.

This product is not recommended for children under 6 years of age. 2 capsules provides 125% vitamin E RDA*. 4 capsules provides 250% vitamin E RDA*

*EC recommended daily allowance.

Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose. Please seek medical advice if pregnant.

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