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Powerful within your body Our Food-Grown nutrients have been shown to have a systemic effect on the body, in other words ‘whole body nourishment’. Metabolising a nutrient in a synthetic and isolated form can use up a lot of precious cellular energy. Our nutrients are naturally ‘phosphorylated” a process undertaken by a plant that enables the body to control how the nutrient is used. This enables the nutrient to be used both effectively and efficiently, leaving more energy for your body to get on with the day job. Food-Grown nutrients have been clinically proven to work where synthetic isolated nutrients have not. A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food demonstrated that our Food-Grown Vitamin C significantly lowered triglycerides levels, where synthetic isolated ascorbic acid and vitamin E did not. Food-Grown benefits: Recognised by your body Targeted within your body Retained within your body Powerful within your body
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