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Baldwins World Herb Maps

Welcome to our World Herb Map Gallery. Browse, peruse & share all our great herb-related maps.

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The African Herb Map

Birthplace of Man-(and Woman)-Kind!  The second largest continent on Earth, Over 11 MILLION square miles and over 1 BILLION people!

Africa has such a huge variety of geography, flora, fauna and people that make it one of the most fascinating mix of cultures and traditions stretching back over 150, 000 years of evolution.

With the culture of folk medicine, cooking and the incredible array of native plants Africa is truly a jewel of wealth when it comes to herbs.

Check out our beautiful Herb Map Of Africa for more treasures and share with people who you think will find this continent as incredible, diverse and wonderful as we at Baldwins do!

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Africa Herbs Map

The South American Herb Map

From Cartagena Colombia in the North to Tierra del Fuego deep in the Southern Straits of Magellan shared by Argentina & Chile; South America has given us much more than a colourful and controversial football tournament over the years!  Sweet Lemon Verbena, the potent Guaraná and  Quebra Pedra AKA ‘The Stone Breaker’!  So many of our useful medicinal herbs arrive from the Southern American Continent.
Click in the image to view the high-resolution version and travel your way round the jungles, mountains & deserts of our South American Herb Map.

South America Herb Map

The European Herb Map

Europe is a positively overflowing cornucopia of health when you consider the amount and variations of different herbs grown here.  The finest French  Lavender, Heavenly British Heather, Romanian  Coriander and Norwegian Angelica are amongst some of the greats from our wonderful European neighbours.   Take a leisurely wander around the bounties found in the countries closest!

Baldwins Herb Maps Europe

The Chinese Herb Map

We enter the mystic East and the controversial practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). From Astragalus Root grown across China and used for its antibacterial properties and supposed immune boosting capabilities to more prized materials such as Saffron and  atractylus. We recommend consulting with a reputable TCM practitioner for advice on TCM medicines, try the  Institute Of Chinese Medicine in London.

Chinese herb map

The World Of Tea

Camelia Sinensis - what a beautiful plant!  I'm sure we can all agree, here in Britain, we love our tea.  A strong cup of builders brew is always the way to start the day in our book.  But did you have any idea of the range of different teas that you can taste?  How about smoky Oolong from New Zealand, Malty Tregothnan tea grown right here in Cornwall, UK or maybe some deliciously light, first flush Darjeeling tea from India for an afternoon cup?

If you’re growing tired of your usual cuppa, why not take a look at our brand new map that takes you on a trip around the world via some of the most exotic and interesting tea blends. We’ve mapped out the origins of some teas you’ll recognise, like the citrusy Earl Grey, and some you might not. There’s even a tea produced in Vietnam made purely out of artichokes!

If our map inspires you to branch out into some interesting and exciting flavours and blends for your next cup, why not look at our range of teas here. The infusion of herbs in our herbal teas contain the added health benefits of their nutrients and essential oils that can help if you’re feeling stressed, run-down or just need a healthful pick-me-up!

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Baldwins Herb Map World Teas