A. Vogel Molkosan Fruit 200ml

A. Vogel Molkosan Fruit 200ml

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Molkosan® Fruit Digestion

It’s new, it’s tasty and it’s good for your digestion!

Our latest member of the Molkosan® family, Molkosan® Fruit is a drink concentrate which offers a tasty way to support healthy digestion. Enhancing the original formula of Molkosan®, which is made from 100% natural fermented whey and rich in L+ lactic acid, Molkosan® Fruit puts a juicy new twist on an old favourite.

As well as the added benefit of calcium, Molkosan® Fruit is further enriched and naturally sweetened with delicious aronia berry and pomegranate juices, which are crammed full of antioxidants, as well as stevia, for a unique, refreshing and fruity flavour.

- Rich in L+ lactic acid - supports good gut bacteria

- Source of calcium, contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes

- Daily tonic for digestive balance

How To Use:

1. Shake bottle well before use

2. Add 20ml to a glass of cold spring or mineral water

3. Drink daily, at least 7 days in a row

4. Can be used frequently

Keep Molkosan® Fruit in the fridge after opening and use within 2 months.

Concentrated whey, fermented, from Swiss milk, rich in positive lactic acid L(+), fruit juice from concentrates (aroniaberry, pomegranate) 26%,

calcium lactate,

natural flavours,

potassium citrate,

malic acid,

sweetener (steviol glycoside)