Baldwins Buckthorn Bark ( Rhamnus Frangula )

Baldwins Buckthorn Bark ( Rhamnus Frangula )

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100% Pure Buckthorn Bark

Buckthorn (Rhamnus catharicus) is a north European native shrub whose berries & bark are used medicinally. Primarily Buckthorn is a stimulant laxative, stimulating the muscles of the bowel to contract and help with bowel movement.

The bark is dried for up to a year before use medicinally (fresh bark has the side effect of inducing vomiting if ingested).

The combination of glycosides, tannins, lipids & flavonoids in Buckthorn bark all help to create more fluid in the colon and result in strong, soft bowel movement.

Buckthorn bark takes a good six to ten hours to take effect so most people take it at bedtime.

It's definitely worth noting that you should drink plenty of water throughout the day when taking buckthorn and should increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Taken with peppermint tea or capsules can help with any unpleasant sensations from the strong contractions and griping that are often experienced.

Do not use for more than eight to ten days (as with any laxative) as this may cause electrolyte loss and may even weaken the colon and, long-term, cause kidney damage.

Please seek advice from a healthcare professional if constipation lasts longer than this time.

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