Baldwins Dandelion Root ( Taraxicum Officinale )

Baldwins Dandelion Root ( Taraxicum Officinale )

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100% Pure Dandelion Root

The humble Dandelion (Taraxicum officinale), never ending invader of picturesque lawns everywhere!

Grown worldwide, and used traditionally as a mild diuretic (increases urine production), dandelion root benefits are in its bitter constituents chich put it as a firm favourite for use as a digestive tonic & stimulant.

Great for indigestion & heartburn (5-10ml tincture up to 3 times a day), the bitter compounds are also a mild laxative and can help increase bile production in the gall bladder (and bile flow from the liver).

Recommended by many for people with sluggish livers (due to over indulgence and/or poor diet).

To make a decoction 3-5g of dried root, simmered in 250ml water, cooled, strained and drunk up to three times a day (though the bitter compounds are said to be more soluble in alcohol, so tincture may be the more efficient format).

The humble Dandelion, not such a pain after all!

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