Baldwins Garlic (allium Sativum) Essential Oil

Baldwins Garlic (allium Sativum) Essential Oil

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Baldwins Garlic Essential Oil 10ml

Country of Origin: China

Method of extraction: Steam Distillation

Family: Amaryllidaceae or Liliaceae

Chemical constituents: Allicin, allylpropyl disulphate, citral, geraniol, linalol, phellendrene, trisulphide

Properties: Detoxifier, Cleansing.

A powerful detoxifier, Garlic Essential Oil may not smell as fragrant as our other essential oils but its ability to relieve tiredness, cleanse your body and encourage cell production makes it an oil not to be missed.

Often used to treat skin problems (acne, spots and abscesses) and fungal infections, Garlic Essential oil has also been known to ease stomach problems whilst helping to boost your immune system.

Blends well with: Mixed with many foods, can help to reduce high blood pressure.

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