Baldwins Remedy Creator - Vegan Detox Tea

Baldwins Remedy Creator - Vegan Detox Tea

Our Remedies aren't products as such, just our own recipes and ways of combining some of our great oils, herbs and other products to help you deal with day to day health concerns.

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The Ancient Indians knew a thing or two about making remedies to heal ailments of all different natures. Ancient India’s medicine, Ayurveda, believes in detoxifying the body to help break down fat, as it allows the liver to work better to metabolise fat.

So if you fancy taking inspiration from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, just follow the easy steps below:

1. In the morning, boil the water.

2. Add cumin, coriander and fennel seeds to the boiling water and continue boiling for 5 more minutes. Cover the pot while the water boils.

3. Strain the tea and pour it into a thermos flask.

4. Sip small amounts of this detox tea throughout the day.

5. You should drink it hot or at least warm. If needed, make the tea twice by reducing all ingredients to half their quantities.

6. You may find the tea too strong initially. If so, take ¼ tsp of each seed instead of ½ tsp for first two weeks. After that, make it half teaspoon.