Baldwins Soapwort Root (saponaria Officinalis)

Baldwins Soapwort Root (saponaria Officinalis)

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White Soapwort Root

Recipe for Soapwort Root Shampoo:

25g of Soapwort Root

25g of Chamomile Flowers

8 fliud ounces of near boiling water

20 drops of Sandalwood

Put in a bucket, the Soapwort Root and the Chamomile Flowers.

Pour in the near boiling water, stir well, cover and leave overnight.

In the morning, strain and add 20 drops of Sandalwood Essential oil to the solution.

To use:

Wet hair with the solution and massage in a small amount of the mixture. Rinse.

This shampoo gently re-moisturises the hair and scalp - does not lather much but is an excellent cleanser.