Baldwins Vanilla (vanilla Plantifolia) Essential Oil

Baldwins Vanilla (vanilla Plantifolia) Essential Oil

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Country of Origin: Madagascar

Family: Orchidaceae

Method of extraction: Absolute

Chemical constituents: Vanillin and numerous traces of other constituents such as eugenol, caproic acid.

Properties: Calming and Soothing.

Known to calm and sooth your skin and body, Vanilla Essential oil is often used in cosmetic products dues to its ability to regenerate, purify and moisturise your skin. Also reputed to have a stimulating effect on your nervous system, Vanilla’s numerous antiseptic, digestive and soothing properties make it the ideal addition to your collection. Use as part of a mask, bath or massage oil to replenish your skin and experience renewed vitality.

The Vanilla oil we sell is particularly fine quality and is incredibly viscous to work with. Whether blending with other oils or alcohols for perfumery this oil is a tricky one.

We recommend warming before attempting to use as it can be very hard to even get out of the bottle at colder temperatures.

Our Vanilla absolute can have a very small percentage of etyl alcohol in it left over from manufacturing. This in no way affects the fragrance or quality of this delicious oil.