Infinity Foods Organic Black Quinoa 450g

Infinity Foods Organic Black Quinoa 450g


High protein food

Good source of fibre

Enjoy as a side dish or stir into a main meal

Black quinoa allows you to create dramatic looking dishes.

This little grain adds variety to your plate both nutritonally and visually. Frequently used in place of rice, pasta and cous cous, black quinoa can make a fine accompaniment to a spicy Tagine, Mexican Chilli or more subtly seasoned dishes from France, Italy and Spain.

Quinoa grain itself is naturally gluten-free, but we are unable to guarantee that this product is completely free from gluten contamination.


Organically Grown Black Quinoa. Produce of Peru / Bolivia


Characteristic of Quinoa, light nutty taste




Dark red to black

Nutritional Information

Energy kcals 356

Energy kj 1505

Protein 14g

Fat 7.1g

of which Saturates 0.96g

Carbohydrates 64.3g

of which sugars 3.5g

Salt 6mg

Fibre 7g

Suitable For:

Ovo lacto vegetarians


Orthodox Jewish Kosher

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