Light Frequency Antarctic Essence 10ml

Light Frequency Antarctic Essence 10ml


The Antarctic Essence comes in an individual pyramid pack that has been carefully developed to embrace and protect the beauty and potency of this wonderful Essence.

• Allows you to feel tremendous calm, peace and stillness within yourself.

• Enables you to be aware of and enhances your vision of what is necessary and essential.

• Helps reveal and dissolve very deep and hidden aspects of yourself.

• Connects one to both the Wisdom of the Ancients and your ancient past.

• To trust Spirit and the unfolding of your life and its direction.

• Assists you to find your own core, pure essence.

The Antarctic Essence allows you to be aware of what is really necessary in your life and in the situations that you are encountering. It enables you to feel tremendous calm, peace and stillness within yourself. This Essence releases those things that are not essential to you and that take you away from your inner peace and being at one with nature. The purity of Antarctica and the Antarctic Essence assists you to find your own pure essence – the very core of yourself – and to let go of whatever takes you from this timeless, clear-centred part of yourself. It allows you to go deeply into things and not get distracted; to see the core of things and what’s important. If you are too distracted it will help to pull you back into harmony. Another key aspect of the Antarctic Essence is that it will reveal to you aspects of yourself that are very deep and hidden; that are referred to sometimes as ‘old dark crystals’. This Essence will bring the light to them and dissolve these old patterns and beliefs (which may have been formed in ancient times or may be early beliefs developed this lifetime). Their dissolution will support you to trust Spirit, to trust your path and to show you the necessary new steps.

Concentrated flower essence. Requires dilution and preparation.

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