Salus Floradix Iron 84 Tablets

Salus Floradix Iron 84 Tablets


With iron, vitamins, yeast and herb extracts for the general strengthening and increase in vitality.

Recommended Dosage:

Adults: Take 1 tablet three times daily before meals. Children (1-10 years): Take 1 tablet per day. Black tea, coffee or other tannin containing products should not be drunk shortly before or after taking Floradix tablets.

Ingredients per 550mg tablet:

Yeast 120mg, Ferrous Gluconate (BPC 1973) 60mg, Ascorbic Acid (Ph Eur.l) 10mg, Nicotinamide (Ph. Eur.ll) 10mg, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Ph.Eur.l) 2.0mg, Riboflavine (BPC 1973) 1.5mg, Thiamine Hydrochloride (Ph.Eur.l) 0.5mg, Aqueous Extract from: 32mg Spinach Leaves, 20mg Rose Hip, 16mg Ocean Kelp, 12mg Fennel Fruit, 8mg Angelica Roots, 8mg Carrots.


Floradix tablets should not be taken in the case of excess iron in the body, nor in the rare cases of chronic abnormal breakdown of the red blood cells.

Other Information: Floradix tablets are recommended:

To prevent latent iron deficiency

To support blood formation after loss of blood

In case of increased need for iron during pregnancy or nursing, during the years of growth and development and during convalescence

For general strengthening and increased vitality


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