Alva Rhassoul Volcanic Mineral Clay 200g

Alva Rhassoul Volcanic Mineral Clay 200g

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Rhassoul Volcanic Mineral Clay 200g

Made of gently dry milled pure volcanic mineral clay, this cleansing powder can penetrate deep into your pores, enabling valuable minerals to be deposited into your skin whilst eliminating dirt, heavy metals, toxins and infection causing bacteria.

Ideal if you want to make your own skincare products, you can use it as a foundation for gels and creams or apply it to your scalp to treat dandruff and psoriasis. And with no additives, this clay is perfect for sensitive skin and people with allergies.

To use, add Rhassoul’s Volcanic Mineral Clay to 30ml of warm water, and stir until a paste is form. Introduce your preferred essential oils and you can immediately begin benefiting from this purifying, cleansing clay.


100% volcanic rhassoul mineral clay