Baldwins Arabic Gum ( Acacia Arabica)

Baldwins Arabic Gum ( Acacia Arabica)

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Baldwins Arabic Gum

Thanks to this gums complex mixture of saccharides and glycoprotein’s, Arabic Gum is able to perform a variety of roles – its primary one being the fact that it is edible.

Although the proportions of its various chemicals can vary (making its performance reliability troublesome), Arabic Gum still remains an important ingredient in the creation of soft drink syrups, chewing gum, hard gummy sweets (gumdrops) and marshmallows.

Also used as a binder in watercolour paint and gum printing (photography), you will often find this gum in shoe polish; in the lick-able adhesive on stamps and cigarette papers and in printers (to stop the oxidation of the aluminium printing plates).

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