Baldwins Cedarwood And Orange Aroma Candle 105g

Baldwins Cedarwood And Orange Aroma Candle 105g

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Baldwins Cedarwood And Orange Aroma Candle 105g

Created using Cedarwood and Orange essential oils, this aromatic candle will do more than fill your home with its warm, soothing aroma. Known to help with respiratory problems and detoxification, Cedarwood can help to cleanse your body, lift your mood and keep your home smelling fresh.

And combined with the uplifting benefits of orange (which can help relieve depression and boost your energy levels), this unique union of these 2 essential oils will leave you feeling wonderful.

Here at Baldwins we’ve developed our own blend of soy wax and beeswax to produce a slow, clean burning candle with a warm, lantern-style cosy glow. The soy wax used is from renewable resources and contains no genetically modified materials. The stylish cubed candles are complimented with cotton

beeswax-coated wicks and are perfumed with pure essential oils.

10p from the profit on each candle sold is donated to the Bees For Development Trust helping to alleviate poverty through beekeeping and at the same time promoting good bee husbandry for this much needed and now fragile species

Approximately 15 hours burn time