Baldwins Chillies Herb ( Capsicum Frutescens )

Baldwins Chillies Herb ( Capsicum Frutescens )

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100% Pure Dried Chilli

Chilli (Capsicum Frutescens / Capsicum annuum) or cayenne (pepper), used worldwide as a spice, originates in South America and is closely related to jalapenos, paprika and other hot peppers.

The fruit is used medicinally and has traditionally been used topically as a pain reliever for joint and back pain (Mainly as an ingredient in creams & balms).

Dried chilli has a pain relieving quality due to the resinous substance Capsacin, found in its fruit.

Capsaicin temporarily depletes the chemical in nerves that transmits pain sensations.

The same topical applications can help with Psoriasis symptoms by relieving itching of unbroken skin.

At baldwins our capsicum tincture is one of the ingredients that makes up our in-house cold remedy. It's a fiery addition but helps to thin mucus and act as a decongestant - got to keep the troops healthy! -

There has been research in the use of cayenne powder to treat heartburn to contradictory results. Some found it helped, others found it aggravated the condition.