Baldwins Hibiscus ( Jamaican Sorrel ) Herb

Baldwins Hibiscus ( Jamaican Sorrel ) Herb

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100% Pure Hibiscus / Jamaican Sorrel

Hibiscus / Jamaican Sorrel (Hibiscus sabdariffa) - also known as Roselle, Indian Sorrel, Red Sorrel was originally native to the tropical climes of West Africa.

Also used as an ingredient in the traditional, seasonal, west indian drink sorrel; mixed with sugar and piment berries (lovely with a bit of quality rum!).

Jamaican sorrel is a member of the, very common, Mavaceae family, of which many varieties can be found worldwide.

Taking 2 teaspoons (5-6 grams) of these dried flowers brewed as a tea (2-3 times a day) has been shown by clinical trials to reduce blood pressure, possibly as efficiently as some blood pressure medications.

Some of the compounds found in Hibiscus are also linked to lowering high cholesterol levels and some claim that using hibiscus supports the immune system.

Flavanoids in abundance, alongside proanthocyanidins & potent antioxidants, mean that hibiscus can have uses including Fever-reducing, pain-relieving and spasm inhibiting.

Remember to always check with you doctor & consult a qualified medical herbalist, especially when you are taking prescription medication.

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