Baldwins Oakmoss Resin (Evernia prunastri)

Baldwins Oakmoss Resin (Evernia prunastri)

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Oakmoss Resin

Evernia prunastri

Country of origin: France

Oakmoss is a great, earthy fixative for other oils and smells really powerfully earthy & mossy (unsurprisingly!).

It is a viscous and a sludgy dark green in colour, but pourable oil solvent extracted from various lichen that are found on Oak trees throughout Europe (mainly the Mediterranean).

This oil is particularly powerful and only small amounts are needed to bring a real deep, growling base to any blend but lends itself particularly well to patchouli, neroli, Cypress & Lavender.

Traditionally used in the classic Chypre perfume family (alongside Labdanum and other oils) it is now limited to certain amounts (roughly 0.1% in finished products) by the IFRA*.

In aromatherapy the oil is renowned for its antiseptic properties and use in treating

respiratory problems.

(*Oakmoss has been known to cause skin sensitisation & irritation of the mucous membrane.)

Please avoid this oil if you are pregnant.

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