Baldwins Pine Resin ( Colophonia Resina ) (colophony Gum)

Baldwins Pine Resin ( Colophonia Resina ) (colophony Gum)

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Baldwins Pine Resin (colophony Gum) 25g
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Baldwins Pine Resin (colophony Gum) 500g

Baldwins Pine Resin (colophony Gum) (Colophonia Resina)

Pine Resin (also known as Colophonia Resina) can perform a number of jobs, but it best known as being a key ingredient in printing inks, photocopying, varnishes, adhesives, soaps, sodas and sealing wax.

Semi-transparent and brittle at room temperature, this resin can be used to add friction to your hands and shoes to improve grip (often done by athletes) but also as a glazing agent for medicines and chewing gum.

This product is wild collected and therefore not suitable to be deemed 'food grade'.