Baldwins Rosemary Herb (rosmarinum Officinalis)

Baldwins Rosemary Herb (rosmarinum Officinalis)

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100% Pure Rosemary Herb

Rosemary (Rosminarus officinalis) is a commom, deliciously fragrant, evergreen shrub. A staple of kitchen gardens everywhere from the Mediterranean (where it originates) to the UK and North America.

Rosemary essential oil* is also used extensively in medicine & includes eucalyptol (cineole) which is a refreshing & revitalising oil to diffuse to improve clarity & supposedly enhance concentration.

Added to a bath or base oil, rosemary is a great way to alleviate muscle pain.

Either use the essential oil or prepare an infusion and add to bathwater.

The leaves of Rosemary have traditionally been used for their calminative (wind-relieving) properties and a tea made from 10g of dried herb per 250ml boiling water can be steeped for 10-15 minutes and drunk a few times a day.

Tincture is also used (2-5ml, three times a day).

Rosemary is also traditionally used to treat indigestion & heartburn and has a propensity to directly attack microbes making it useful for infection.

*Essential oils should never be taken internally

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